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Sanders, D. C. (Douglas C.)
Size: 25.5 linear feet (17 cartons) Collection ID: MC 00045
The Douglas Sanders Slides and Papers consist of materials gathered from Dr. Sanders's office on the campus of North Carolina State University. Over half of the materials consist of 35mm color photographic slides used by Dr. Sanders in his research, teaching, and presentations. The collection has not been fully processed yet. Douglas ... More
Ward, Douglas
Size: 36.25 linear feet (72 containers) Collection ID: RBC 00002
The Douglas Ward American Comic Books Collection consists of 2057 comic book issues from various comic book publishers, including Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, and other publishers, dating from 1975-1999.
Size: 86 Megabytes Collection ID: MC 00633
This collection is an oral history conducted by Kristina Baltutis of Dr. Lee Simmons at the Omaha Zoo. Dr. Lee G. Simmons received his DVM from Oklahoma State University in 1963. His first position at a zoo was curator of mammals at the Columbus Ohio Zoo in 1963. He later became staff veterinarian and assistant director. His next ... More
Draper Company
Size: 1 linear foot (8 v.) Collection ID: MC 00024
Seven loom catalogs, 1932 - 1949, and a volume of labelled photographs of sections of looms, from the Draper Corporation for the Textile School at North Carolina State College (now North Carolina State University), Raleigh, N.C. The catalogs each contain a copy of a loom order, followed by a detailed list of parts and labelled ... More
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Stuart, Duncan R.
Size: 1 linear foot (1 oversized flatfolder) Collection ID: MSS 00409
This collection consists of one item, a drawing of a five-dimensional cube by Duncan Stuart dating to the early 1970s. The drawing measures approximately 26" by 26" and is mounted on a board that measures 34.5" x 34.5".
Berkley, Earl E. (Earl Esco), 1902-
Size: 36.5 linear feet (19 cartons, 9 boxes, 1 legal box, 4 flat boxes, 1 card box) Collection ID: MC 00287
The Earl E. Berkley Collection relates to Berkley’s work in textiles including numerous contributions to the fields of fiber chemistry, fiber structure, and the physical properties and end uses of cotton and other natural cellulose fibers.
Hostetler, Earl H. (Earl Henry), 1890-1968
Size: 4 linear feet (3 boxes, 1 oversize box, and 1 album box) Collection ID: MC 00032
This collection contains articles, speeches, and correspondence written by Earl Henry Hostetler. There is also information about Hostetler's numerous religious, civic and political activities, as well as biographical information on the Hostetler family and a collection of photographs. An educator and researcher, Hostetler was Head of ... More
Welch, Earl Parks
Size: 3.75 linear feet (1 legal box, 2 oversize boxes) Collection ID: MC 00355
This collection contains the military paperwork corresponding to Earl Parks Welch's service in the United States Army, his North Carolina A & M Cadet uniform, and photographs of Welch. Earl Parks Welch was a student at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (later North Carolina State University) and a member of the class of 1920, and served in the Army during the late 1910s.
Edwards, Earle La Rue
Size: 0.01 linear feet (1 folder) Collection ID: MSS 00127
The Earle La Rue Edwards papers consist of correspondence, programs, newsletters, and brochures regarding the Chinqua-Penn Plantation House, sports medicine, and Edwards's induction into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. Also included are samples of letterhead stationery of the American Football Coaches Association. Earle La ... More
Bridges, Earley Winfred, 1894-1974
Size: 0.25 linear feet (1 half-box) Collection ID: MC 00028
The Earley W. Bridges Papers are mainly comprised of materials relating to Masonic activities or organizations, with the majority focusing on the Greensboro Masonic Museum and the Masonic Fellowship Club of Greensboro, North Carolina. Also included in the collection are copies of poems written by Mr. Bridges while he was stationed in ... More
East Coast Greenway Alliance
Size: 7.4 linear feet (12 boxes, 1 legal halfbox, 1 halfbox, 1 card box, 1 flat folder and 1 tube) Collection ID: MC 00643
The East Coast Greenway Alliance Records is comprised of papers relating to the ongoing development of the East Coast Greenway Alliance and trails along the eastern coast of the United States. The collection contains bylaws, annual reports, meeting agendas, membership lists, correspondence, trademark applications, newsletters, ... More
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Caram, Ed
Size: 3.425 linear feet (13 card boxes, 1 archival box, 3 microfilm boxes) Collection ID: MC 00487
The Ed Caram Negatives contain photographic negatives taken by Caram during his time as a student at NC State, from approximately 1969 to 1975. Topics photographed include athletics (particularly basketball and football), campus buildings, political rallies, student protests, outdoor events, concerts, daily student life, speakers, ... More
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C.R. Makepeace and Company, Aladdin Company
Size: 4.7 linear feet (1 legal archival box, 12 flat folders, 6 tubes) Collection ID: MC 00317
The Edenton Cotton Mill Collection is comprised of several dozen sheets of blueprints and two sets of specifications that document the selected phases of the planning and construction of the Edenton Cotton Mill in Edenton, North Carolina. There are also a few blueprints of mill village houses designed by the Aladdin Company. These ... More
Randolph, E. E. (Edgar Eugene), 1878-1954
Size: 8.55 linear feet (4 boxes, 1 half box, 2 legal boxes, 1 flat box, 1 flat folder, 2 cartons) Collection ID: MC 00040
The Edgar Eugene Randolph Papers document the Randolph's career as a professor of chemical engineering at North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (later North Carolina State University) as well as his personal life, and activities of his wife, Ora Huffman Randolph. Materials contained in these files include ... More
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Hunter, Edgar H.
Size: 22 linear feet (8 boxes, 13 tubes, 62 oversize folders, 1 oversize presentation board) Collection ID: MC 00245
The Edgar H. and Margaret K. Hunter Architectural Papers contains drawings and job files from the Hunters' work, primarily in New Hampshire and North Carolina, as well as professional and personal photographs and slides. Edgar Hayes "Ted" Hunter Jr. (1914-1995) received A.B. and M.Ed. degrees from Dartmouth College in 1938 and 1950. ... More
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Catalano, Eduardo, 1917-
Size: 6.5 linear feet (5 boxes, 2 legal boxes, 3 slide boxes, 1 flat box, and 4 flat folders); 1715 Megabytes Collection ID: MC 00625
The Eduardo Catalano Papers contains articles, news clippings, magazines, and books on Catalano's architectural projects and professional accomplishments, as well as photographs, digital photographs, photographic slides, negatives, positive transparencies, design drawings, and one videocassette. This includes books, articles, and ... More
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Catalano, Eduardo, 1917-
Size: 0.14 linear feet (1 slide box) Collection ID: MC 00477
The Eduardo Catalano Slides include slides of the interior and exterior views of the Eduardo Catalano house in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as views of the home after it was demolished in 2001. The collection also includes slides of the Floralis Genérica sculpture in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Eduardo Catalano house slides are ... More
Noga, Edward J.
Size: 2.5 linear feet (5 archival boxes) Collection ID: MC 00403
This collection contains research data, handwritten research notes, published articles, slides, and DVDs related to the study of infectious diseases in fish. Materials date from 1983 to 2002. Edward J. Noga is Professor of Aquatic Medicine in the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and Professor of ... More
Cloyd, Edward Lamar, 1891-1973
Size: 2.75 linear feet (2 boxes, 1 legal box, 2 card boxes, 1 flat box) Collection ID: MC 00046
The Edward Lamar Cloyd Papers consist of personal and professional material documenting Cloyd's tenure as Dean of Students at North Carolina State College (later North Carolina State University) and his extensive involvement in community affairs in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area. The papers date from 1915-1973. Edward Lamar Cloyd ... More
Hodges, Edward M.
Size: 6.75 linear feet (13 archival boxes and 1 flatfolder) Collection ID: MC 00481
The Edward M. Hodges Farm Papers contain the income, expense, and tax records of the Edward M. Hodges Farm from 1953 to 2000 with a few items related to soil and water conservation and four acreage maps of the farm. Edward M. Hodges, an alumnus of North Carolina State University, farmed from 1952 until he retired for health reasons ... More