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von Haugwitz, Dietrich, von Haugwitz, Eva
Size: 15.5 linear feet (22 archival boxes, 3 cartons) Collection ID: MC 00165
The Dietrich von Haugwitz Papers, 1971-2007, contains various materials related to animal rights issues. Included are publications and other papers relating to animal rights organizations. Organizations include People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, The Humane Society of the United States, Animal Protection Society, and North ... More
Ellis, D. E. (Don Edwin), 1908-
Size: 0.25 linear feet (1 archival box) Collection ID: MC 00161
The Don Edwin Ellis Papers include two preliminary manuscripts, one to be used by students in forest pathology entitled Forest and Shade Tree Pathology and another entitled An Introduction to the History of Plant Pathology. Don Edwin Ellis was professor, 1940-1954, and later head, 1954-1973, of the Department of Plant Pathology at ... More
Schmidt, Don
Size: 6.325 linear feet (3 cartons, 1 archival box, 2 archival half boxes, 3 cardboxes, 1 flatfolder) Collection ID: MC 00462
The Don Schmidt Collection of NC State Athletics Memorabilia includes rugs, newspaper clippings, magazines, bumper stickers, basketball cards, keychains, buttons and pins, media guides, and other artifacts related to the history of NC State Athletics, primarily the Men's Basketball program. Materials range in date from 1975 to 2000. ... More
Hayne, Don W., 1911-2000
Size: 120 linear feet (71 cartons, 2 cardboxes, 2 flatboxes, 1 legalbox, 3 tubes, 2 tubeboxes, and 5 flatfolders) Collection ID: MC 00281
The Don W. Hayne Papers contains correspondence, notes, research papers, statistical data sheets, and various other materials relating to Hayne's research on mourning doves, voles, fisheries, and creel surveys. There are also surveys and field research into a variety of other subjects relating loosely to zoology and statistics. Don ... More
Jackson, Donald E.
Size: 1.3 linear feet (1 tube and 2 flat folders) Collection ID: MC 00295
The collection includes one roll and two flat folders of drawings of central Raleigh, North Carolina, focusing primarily on Fayetteville Street. Donald E. Jackson excecuted studies of and designs for the city of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Moreland, Donald E., 1919-
Size: 5.5 linear feet (9 archival boxes, 2 card boxes, 2 half boxes) Collection ID: MC 00255
The Donald E. Moreland Papers consist of presentations, reprints, faculty activity reports, visual aids, project descriptions, lecture notes, and laboratory procedures related to crop science, botany, toxicology, and plant physiology. Major topics include microsomes, plant and rat liver mitochondria, and herbicides. Moreland ... More
Sapp, Donald
Size: 0.5 linear feet (1 flat box) Collection ID: MC 00702
The Donald Sapp Newspapers and Reminiscences contain biographical notes that Sapp used in remarks given at an event at Doak Stadium in 2010. It also contains issues of the Technician featuring articles that Sapp wrote about State College (now NC State) athletics. The Technicians range in date from 1943 to 1944. Donald F. Sapp was ... More
Size: 0.01 linear feet (1 folder) Collection ID: MSS 00156
The Donald Woods Shriver Papers consist of three typed documents. In the 1965 sermon "The Case of the King of the Jews," Shriver imagines the events leading to Jesus's crucifixion from the point of view of Pontius Pilate. "Justice and Compromise at Chicago: The Case of North Carolina" contains Shriver's reflections on racial politics ... More
Laux, Dorianne
Size: 31.8 linear feet (50 boxes, 2 flatboxes, 2 legalboxes, 2 videocassetteboxes, 1 negative box, 1 Lantern slide box); 9940 Megabytes; 136 Files Collection ID: MC 00668
The Dorianne Louise Laux Papers contains a wide variety of materials that document her career as a student, poet, and professor in creative writing. Included are published works, manuscript materials, personal and professional correspondence, newspaper clippings and articles, datebooks and calendars, teaching and workshop materials, ... More
Doris Day Animal League
Size: 13.625 linear feet (26 boxes, 1 halflegalbox, and 1 cassettebox) Collection ID: MC 00651
The Doris Day Animal League Records, 1978-2006, contains a wide variety of materials that document the organization's efforts to protect the lives of animals through policy initiatives and education--specifically relating to animal testing, animals in the entertainment industry, companion animals legislation, and horse slaughter. ... More
King, Doris Elizabeth, 1925-2015
Size: 7.5 linear feet (15 boxes (Box numbers 1 and 2 do not exist)) Collection ID: MC 00559
The Doris Elizabeth King Paperback Book Collection contains a selection of books made from a large collection of books bequeathed to North Carolina State University. Items in the collection were selected by NC State University Graphic Design & Industrial Design faculty members Deborah Littlejohn and Russell Flinchum, as well as ... More
King, Doris Elizabeth, 1925-2015
Size: 124.5 linear feet (83 cartons) Collection ID: MC 00551
The Doris Elizabeth King Papers (1950-2014) contain 124.5 linear feet of correspondence, photographs, publications, article drafts, notecards, news clippings, photocopies, course files, and audiotapes. Most of these materials document King's research on the history of the American hotel and motel industry. This includes hotel/motel ... More
Stanley, Doris J., 1926-2018
Size: 29.8 linear feet (28 tubes, 63 flat folders, 3 boxes, 4 legal boxes, 1 halfbox, 1 flatbox) Collection ID: MC 00153
The Doris J. Stanley and William Van Eaton Sprinkle Architectural Drawings contain floorplans and elevations for numerous residences, some businesses, and one funeral home. Items in the collection are described using titles found on the original drawings. Also included are project files and specifications. Doris J. Stanley was born ... More
Fritch, Dorothy (Dorothy Lisle Kutz), 1907-2003
Size: 0.25 linear feet (1 archival halfbox) Collection ID: MC 00678
The Dorothy Fritch Film of North Carolina State University Football and Men's Basketball Games collection contains five 2"-reels of 16mm color motion picture film. These films were taken by Dorothy Fritch, and are of several NC State men's basketball games and at least one football game. Husband and wife Jonas (1902-1973) and Dorothy ... More
Van De Zande, Doug
Size: 11.624 gigabytes (54 digital files) Collection ID: MC 00483
This collection is comprised of 14 digital contact sheets and 40 digital prints taken by photographer Doug Van de Zande. These black and white photographs document the construction of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library. There are 17 framed prints on display at Hunt Library. Charles Douglas "Doug" Van de Zande was a professional ... More
Worsham, A. D.
Size: 1.5 linear feet (1 carton) Collection ID: MC 00508
Contained in this collection are published and unpublished research papers and articles, correspondence, notes, photographs, and other documents created or acquired by Worsham in the course of his research as well as his work with the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service (later Cooperative Extension Service). Worsham's ... More
Dickerson, Doug, 1920-
Size: 1 linear foot (1 archival box, 1 oversize folder) Collection ID: MC 00090
The Douglas Dickerson Papers contain personal information about Dickerson, such as his time at North Carolina State; his military service during World War II and awards, including the French Legion of Honor; his family; reproductions of photographs; and a DVD “Video Tribute to Doug Dickerson,” and two badges. Also included is ... More
Hammond, Douglas E.
Size: 28 linear feet (56 archival boxes) Collection ID: MC 00480
The Douglas E. Hammond Collection of Computer Manuals contains manuals for computer software and hardware primarily created by IBM. There is a small segment of manuals for software and hardware created by the Applied Data Research group. The manuals range in date from 1962 to 1983. Some major types of items covered include virtual ... More
Sanders, D. C. (Douglas C.)
Size: 25.5 linear feet (17 cartons) Collection ID: MC 00045
The Douglas Sanders Slides and Papers consist of materials gathered from Dr. Sanders's office on the campus of North Carolina State University. Over half of the materials consist of 35mm color photographic slides used by Dr. Sanders in his research, teaching, and presentations. The collection has not been fully processed yet. Douglas ... More
Ward, Douglas
Size: 36.25 linear feet (72 containers) Collection ID: RBC 00002
The Douglas Ward American Comic Books Collection consists of 2057 comic book issues from various comic book publishers, including Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, and other publishers, dating from 1975-1999.