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Smallwood, James E.
Size: 17.5 linear feet (22 archival boxes, 1 legal box, 1 halfbox, 1 slide box, 7 flatboxes, and 2 oversize flatboxes) Collection ID: MC 00497
The James Edgar Smallwood Papers primarily consist of teaching materials (articles, drawings and diagrams, handwritten notes, and syllabi) and related items, such as slides, X-rays, and audiovisual materials, that Dr. Smallwood used during his long tenure as a faculty member at the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina ... More
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Wright, James F. (James Francis), 1924-2008
Size: 6.75 linear feet (4 boxes, 1 halfbox, 1 legal halfbox, 1 carton, 1 CD box, 2 artifact boxes) Collection ID: MC 00373
The James F. Wright Papers contains membership lists, meeting minutes, and correspondence of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV), as well as case reports presented to the Association. Other materials include professional correspondence, reports, notes, articles, and five 16 mm films relating to early use of dart guns ... More
Fitzgibbon, James (James Walter), 1915-1985
Size: 6.75 linear feet (8 flat folders, 3 tubes, 1 half box, 1 box, 2 oversize flat boxes) Collection ID: MC 00381
The James Fitzgibbon Papers includes architect and North Carolina State University School of Design professor James Fitzgibbon’s architectural drawings for the Ralph Fadum House of Raleigh, North Carolina, the George W. Paschal House, also of Raleigh, the Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Daniel House of Knoxville, Tennessee, and photographs ... More
Lutz, J. Fulton (James Fulton), 1907-1986
Size: 4.7 linear feet (9 archival boxes, 1 flat folder) Collection ID: MC 00106
This collection contains materials accumulated by James Fulton Lutz while he was a professor at North Carolina State University. Types of materials include administrative files, correspondence, and publications. James Fulton Lutz (b. 1907) was a professor of Soil Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of North Carolina State University from 1932 to 1985.
Ferrell, J. K. (James K.)
Size: 6.5 linear feet (13 archival boxes) Collection ID: MC 00286
The James K. Ferrell Papers, 1940-2000, include publications, reports, memoranda, a scrapbook, and other items demonstrating the history of the North Carolina State University Dept. of Chemical Engineering and the North Carolina State University College of Engineering (formerly the School of Engineering); annual reports, memoranda, ... More
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Brandt, James L. (James Lewis), 1926-
Size: 4.6 linear feet (1 archival storage box; 2 cartons; 1 oversized flat box; 3 tubes, 3 slide boxes) Collection ID: MC 00472
The James L. Brandt Papers (1948-2012) contains files on Frank Lloyd Wright's visit to NC State in May 1950, on School of Design Dean Henry Kamphoefner, and on the Student Publication of the School of Design. It also contains biographical information about Brandt. Additional items include photographs, slides, correspondence, ... More
Sherrill, James N. (AIA)
Size: 1 linear foot (4 flat folders) Collection ID: MC 00476
The James N. Sherrill Architectural Drawings contain the architectural drawings of James N. Sherrill from 1956 to 1968 with most buildings located in Hickory, North Carolina but a few in other locations such as Blowing Rock, North Carolina, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Most of the drawings are for homes and residences of local ... More
Henriksen, James O.
Size: 6.25 linear feet (2 oversize flat boxes, 6 archival boxes, 1 half box) Collection ID: MC 00665
The James O. Henriksen Papers contains letters and correspondence, software-related lectures, articles, books, and other materials related to James O. Henriksen's career in computer simulation and computer science from the early 1960s into the 2000s. The collection provides information on the program that Henriksen created called ... More
Troyer, James R.
Size: 1.75 linear feet (3 archival storage boxes, 1 cassette box) Collection ID: MC 00335
Biographical information, publications, and oral histories of various prominent North Carolina botanists, including: Donald B. Anderson; H.B. Croom; C.W. Hyams; Mordecai E. Hyams; and, Gerald McCarthy. The material was assembled by North Carolina State University Professor, James R. Troyer, during his research and production of ... More
Clark, James W., Jr. (James William), 1943-
Size: 0.5 linear feet (1 archival box) Collection ID: MC 00716
The James William Clark Papers consist of correspondence and publications by Clark. The papers also contain brochures and pamphlets relating to the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, including the inductions of Guy Owen and Richard Walser. Materials range in date from 1985 to 2020. James W. Clark, Jr. (1943- ), was the director of ... More
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Webb, James M. (James Murray), 1908-2000
Size: 222.5 linear feet (88 document cases, 2 flat boxes, 6 cartons, 6 flat folders, 470 tubes.) Collection ID: MC 00102
The collection contains the business and design records from James M. Webb's architectural firm, as well as his personal papers and some papers of his brother, John B. Webb, and his mother, Martha Webb. The major groupings of records are Project Files, Drawings, Maps, Professional Papers, Personal Papers, Photographs and Slides, ... More
Green, James Wyche, 1915-2011
Size: 2.5 linear feet (5 archival storage boxes) Collection ID: MC 00158
The James Wyche Green Papers contain correspondence, research, reports, teaching materials, and other information relating to Green's five years of teaching in the Department of Rural Sociology at North Carolina State College. Included in the collection are research materials about farm life and population, two of Green's interests. ... More
McKimmon, Jane Simpson, 1867-1957
Size: 0.75 linear feet (1 box, 1 halfbox) Collection ID: MC 00550
This collection consists of personal writings, correspondence, biographical accounts, news clippings, and scripts from radio show broadcasts. They cover topics of food preparation and home demonstration marketing and development. Papers on McKimmon's awards, retirement, and death are also included. Jane Simpson McKimmon was born ... More
Stuckey, Jasper Leonidas
Size: 1 linear foot (2 archival boxes) Collection ID: MC 00154
The Jasper Leonidas Stuckey Papers contain publications, personal and professional correspondence, research notes, newspaper clippings, maps, and a rock sample. There are several publications in the field of geology, and research in the area of salt deposits in North Carolina. The personal materials document Stuckey's interest in ... More
Jenkins, Jean
Size: 0.5 linear feet (1 halfbox) Collection ID: MC 00532
Jean Jenkins graduated from North Carolina State University's School of Design in 1954 and studied with Buckminster Fuller during the early 1950s. The Jean Jenkins Papers, 1950-1954, consist of photographs, a letter, clippings, student publications, and related items from her years as a student at North Carolina State University.
Paulson, Jehu Dewitt, 1893-1972
Size: 11.6 linear feet (5 boxes, 15 flat folders, 4 flat boxes) Collection ID: MC 00056
This collection documents Jehu Dewitt Paulson's career as an artist and educator and contains drawings, paintings, prints, plates, photographs and illustrations for published and unpublished manuscripts. The Personal files include Paulson's application for a Guggenheim Fellowship (1934), photographs of Paulson and his family, ... More
Kohl, Jerome
Size: 22 linear feet (47 archival boxes and 5 slide boxes) Collection ID: MC 00142
The Jerome Kohl Papers contains paper records, photographs, and video tapes from 1942 to 1995 that detail Kohl's long career in the evolving fields of nuclear energy and technology transfer. Reference and lecture materials show the intellectual milieu in which Kohl was immersed. His publications demonstrate the way he synthesized ... More
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Cox, Joe, 1915-1997
Size: 11.05 linear feet (11 boxes, 3 legal boxes, 3 flat boxes, 1 oversized flat box, 1 flat folder) Collection ID: MC 00406
The Joe Cox Papers contain correspondence, photographs, newspaper and other materials documenting the life of Joe Cox, an artist and professor for the North Carolina State University School of Design. The collection also includes slides of his artistic works, sketches spanning his entire creative lifetime, and some materials relating ... More
Arey, John Allen
Size: 4 linear feet Collection ID: MC 00248
The collection consists of two scrapbooks and one folder with loose material from scrapbooks.John Allen Arey was a dairy specialist working with the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service.
Derieux, John Bewley
Size: 2 linear feet (1 oversize, 1 legalbox, 1 flatbox, 1 flatfolder) Collection ID: MC 00048
The John Bewley Derieux Papers, 1902-1961, contain records relating to Derieux's personal and professional life. The papers include correspondence, certificates, newspaper articles, research notes, graphs, charts, reprints, and photographs, chiefly relating to his research while in the North Carolina State College Physics Department and his involvement in Methodist church work.