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Size: 14 linear feet (1 archival box, 6 cartons, 3 oversize flatboxes) Collection ID: MC 00505
The Mann Family Papers contain correspondence, church bulletins, scrapbooks, newsclippings, magazine articles, photographs, brochures, programs, artifacts, and other materials regarding Carroll Mann Sr., Carroll Mann Jr., and Carroll Mann III. There are also documents on Mann Hall and the Memorial Bell Tower on the North Carolina ... More
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Andrews, Martha Bailey Hawkins
Size: 0.5 linear feet Collection ID: MC 00290
This collection contains material relating to the scholastic life of Martha Bailey Hawkins Andrews at North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (later North Carolina State University) from 1925 to 1933. It also includes material that documents the history of North Carolina State University. Materials are in the ... More
Scotford, Martha
Size: 46.3 linear feet (45 boxes, 3 half boxes, 13 legal boxes, 20 flat boxes, 1 oversize flat box, 4 slide boxes, 2 reel boxes, 2 flat files); 95 megabytes (64 files) Collection ID: MC 00434
The Martha Scotford Research and Study Collection on Graphic Design contains materials from 1896 through 2010 including design works and ephemera, publications, files documenting Scotford’s projects, and design-related reference materials relating to graphic design, book design and typography. Martha Scotford was a professor of ... More
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Yarbrough, Mary Elizabeth
Size: 24.5 linear feet (13 cartons, 4 oversize boxes, 2 oversize flatboxes, 2 oversize artifacts) Collection ID: MC 00552
The Mary Yarbrough Papers (circa 1850-2005) contain 24.5 linear feet of correspondence, photographs, publications, music books, news clippings, photocopies, and artifacts. Most of these materials document Yarbrough's life and career, as well as her family history. Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough (1904-1984) was one of the first women to ... More
Farrier, Maurice H.
Size: 49.75 linear feet (99 archival boxes and 1 archival half box) Collection ID: MC 00123
The Maurice Hugh Farrier Papers includes personal and professional correspondence, entomology research materials, and a reprint collection of articles and works by internationally acclaimed scientists writing on mites and other insects. The collection chiefly documents Farrier's research and professional activities during his tenure ... More
Overcash, Michael R.
Size: 44.25 linear feet (35 cartons, 1 halfbox, 5 card boxes) Collection ID: MC 00254
The Michael Overcash Papers contain materials, 1928-2007, documenting Overcash's career as a North Carolina State University faculty member in chemical, biological and agricultural engineering, who studied industrial pollution prevention, waste minimization, life cycle inventory research, and sustainability. Included are reports, ... More
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Bush, Mitchell
Size: 64.45 linear feet (93 boxes, 10 flat boxes, 10 flat folders, 9 reel boxes, 4 half boxes, 4 card boxes, 3 cartons 1 legal box); 5489.16 Megabytes; 15024 Files Collection ID: MC 00467
The Mitchell Bush Papers contain research and teaching notes, presentations and materials, journals and publications, correspondence, field studies, field notes, research projects, training materials, anesthesia records, digital media such as floppy disks, CD-ROMS, zip disks, film strips, videotapes and 35mm slides documenting ... More
Gardner, M. E. (Monroe Evans)
Size: 3.75 linear feet (6 archival boxes, 1 archival legal box) Collection ID: MC 00167
Includes correspondence, newspaper articles, typewritten manuscripts, printed publications, photographs and ephemera that belonged to North Carolina State University Professor Emeritus M. E. Gardner. The collection spans Gardner's academic, professional and retirement years. The material dates from 1910 to 1975.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
Size: 11.5 linear feet (1 legal box, 2 albums, 1 halfbox, 1 drawings box) Collection ID: MC 00243
The Monticello Architectural Records contain architectural and archaeological data pertaining to the restoration and preservation of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Included are copies of publications; microfilm of field notes and drawings of Milton L. Grigg, restoration architect; ... More
Prestwood, William Thomas, 1788-1859, Browder, Nathaniel C., 1904-
Size: 1.5 linear feet (3 archival boxes) Collection ID: MC 00098
Nathaniel C. Browder Collection of Cryptography Manuals and William Thomas Prestwood Diaries, includes twenty-eight original Prestwood diaries, most of which are encrypted, and enlarged copies of several of the diaries. Also included are a copy of The Enciphered Diary of William Thomas Prestwood 1808-1859, a description and ... More
Anderson, Norman D.
Size: 31.6 linear feet (11 boxes, 22 legal boxes, 2 half boxes, 2 flat boxes, 12 notecard boxes, 2 cartons, 1 oversize flatbox); 209 megabytes Collection ID: MC 00432
The Norman D. Anderson Collection on Ferris Wheels and Related Materials contains manuscript materials, newsletters, research files, photographs, postcards, and publications on Ferris wheels, amusement parks, and related subjects. The primary subject of the collection is the Ferris wheel. While the focus of the material is the Ferris ... More
Size: 1.5 linear feet (3 archival boxes) Collection ID: MC 00110
This collection includes files on various agricultural organizations within North Carolina, as well as North Carolina's chapters of national organizations. Files contain a variety of materials, including brochures and pamphlets, meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence, and other assorted paper items. Materials range in date from ... More
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North Carolina Agricultural Research Service
Size: 114.5 linear feet (53 cartons, 58 archival boxes, 1 legal box, 2 oversize flat boxes, 1 archival half box, 1 oversize box, 2 flat folders,) Collection ID: UA 101.001
The records of the Office of the Associate Dean and Director of the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service contain reports, correspondence, programs, publications, speeches, minutes, financial information, and committees relating to agricultural research and experiment stations. Also included are materials on the United States ... More
Size: 4.9 linear feet (1 legal box, 1 flat box, 17 flat folders) Collection ID: MC 00225
The North Carolina Buildings Collection includes drawings, specifications, construction contracts, and correspondence relating to individual buildings in North Carolina. Unbuilt projects are included. The finding aid contains a description for each project, including the name of the architect(s), a brief description of the project, ... More
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North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Size: 33.5 linear feet (55 archival boxes, 4 cartons); 18 Megabytes Collection ID: UA 102.002
These records contain annual reports from Cooperative Extension Service programs throughout their history in North Carolina. Also included are plans of work and annual statements of objectives and goals for the coming year for many of the same programs. Although extension and demonstration work in North Carolina had been active since ... More
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North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Size: 60.6 linear feet (96 archival storage boxes, 8 cartons, 2 legal-size boxes, 2 flat folders); 158 megabytes; 1 website Collection ID: UA 102.200
The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service publications contain a wide variety of published material relating to the activities, aims, functions, and programs of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Through the years, the Service's mission has encompassed agricultural education, agricultural extension work, home ... More
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North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Size: 40.85 linear feet (57 boxes, 1 card box, 2 flat boxes, 1 flat folder, 1 legal box, 27 slide boxes, 4 cartons); 485 Megabytes; 29 Files Collection ID: UA 102.050
The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, County Operations Records contain administrative records of the County Operations office, as well as records from individual county offices. The county offices represented are Hertford, McDowell, and Pamlico. The Pamlico County records comprises reports filed by county extension ... More
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North Carolina State University. Department of 4-H Youth Development
Size: 74.6 linear feet (35 cartons, 24 oversize boxes, 1 legal box, 5 flat folders, 1 oversize flat box,); 629.115 Megabytes Collection ID: UA 102.010
These records detail the programs and activities of the 4-H Youth Development program in North Carolina from 1912 to 2012. The files contain correspondence and memoranda, programs and brochures, reports, member lists, financial information, clippings, news releases, photographs, and writings and speeches. The records have been ... More
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North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Size: 14.5 linear feet (27 archival storage boxes, 2 flat boxes) Collection ID: UA 102.018
The North Carolina State University Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Records contain reports, questionnaires, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, press releases, bound volumes, manuscripts, awards, tributes, newsletters, minutes, pamphlets, and labels. A large percentage of the records come from the office of ... More
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Size: 3.5 linear feet (4 archival boxes, 1 carton,) Collection ID: UA 102.005
These records contain historical overviews and administrative papers belonging to the Office of the Assistant Director of the North Carolina State Cooperative Extension Service. Included in the collection are correspondence, workplans, annual statements of objectives, and other material related to home demonstration work, the ... More