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Menius, Arthur C., Jr. (Arthur Clayton)
Size: 1.25 linear feet (4 archival boxes and oversized materials) Collection ID: MC 00141
The collection contains correspondence, reports, graphs, financial records, and information regarding the nuclear reactor project at North Carolina State College, North Carolina State's Physics Department, and nuclear experimentation at Los Alamos. These records include Menius' research and writings regarding the Manhattan Project, ... More
North Carolina State University. Libraries
Size: 0.25 linear feet (1 archival halfbox); 494 megabytes Collection ID: MC 00478
In this oral history, conducted in 1999, Dr. Raymond L. Murray talks about the following topics: his education and early work at Oak Ridge during World War II, the first nuclear reactor at NC State (design, construction, and safety), early experiments and nuclear engineering research using the reactor, development of the nuclear ... More
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Murray, Raymond L., 1920-2011
Size: 202 linear feet (397 archival boxes, 2 halfboxes, 1 oversized box, 2 legalboxes) Collection ID: MC 00416
The Raymond Leroy Murray Papers, 1911-2011, contain various papers and files from Raymond Murray's research, teaching, consulting, and other activities. Included are conference papers, class lecture notes, talking points, reports, publication drafts, schedules, research and reference files, and article reprints. The collection ... More